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Norco can cause harm to your heart valves. Your valves are not likely to close appropriately and perhaps start leaking. This whole thing is expected to interrupt the flow of blood through your heart to your body. The signs that indicate this issue are fatigue and weakness, chest pain and a


Therefore, to pull this kind of patients out of the mess, doctors tend to prescribe them this dietary supplement (despite having an active side effect profile) after determine and examining all the necessary factors. This whole thing mainly takes place because losing weight can decrease the chance of various life-threatening diseases that occur due to obesity.

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One more point, never take this medication in the late hours/ evening hours because it is likely to cause insomnia. If you are on the sustained-release capsule, the dose will be just one time daily in the morning hours or 10 to 14 hours before your sleeping hours. Take the whole drug, never crush/ chew these capsules. Because if you chew/crush will be secreted in your body system at once and the entire point taking this drug in the form of the capsule will be ruined plus it will also aggravate the side effect profile of this drug.     

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