4 Innovative Things To Know About Native Ads

Marketers are becoming quite interested in native advertising, as it makes it easier for them to engage with their digital audience


After knowing the performance of native ads in 2017-18, there was quite an increase in the marketers who have started investing in native advertising. Do you want to know more about native advertising?

Then you should read this article, as it will help you to find more about native ads.


On the current trend, videos are the most effective tools of branding that marketers have. Earlier there were only a few channels to share videos on social media. However, with the progress of media, now native advertising videos appear in most of the social media platforms.

As you can see Facebook as an example, which became a trending platform for native advertising. You can easily find auto-play video ads on your Facebook timeline which might also be relevant to your interests as well. While video ads can have a better impact on audience compared to the pictorial form of adverts.


Social Media

Social media has become an important platform for advertisers. While it also has a major role in native advertising. Social media contains a different variety of contents which also creates more options for adverts. As advertisers can also add in-feed ads to drive the attention of the audience on their blogs, articles, video post or money site etc.

Because of social media advertising, now brands can show off their own personality based on the products or their service which they are selling.

Mobile applications

Nowadays, you can see that most of the people use mobile applications to use social media. Based on a study, there is nearly 60% of traffic on social media channels comes from mobile users only.

This has also caught the attention of advertisers and it leads to the rise of native advertising in mobile applications. Based on different social media, mobile applications, native adverts can be shown in different forms like images, videos, audios etc.


Because of the native advertising, the transparency between the audience and the marketers have increased. Since native advertising tends to engage with the audience more. However, the users who feel that they have been duped by an advert won’t have good affiliation about that brand.

That’s why the FTC introduced a new law, which makes it necessary for the native advertisers to show the reality and facts about their brand in front of their viewers.

These are some of the important innovations of native advertising which you need to know. Native advertising can help you to better connect with your audience, at the same time it also maintains the transparency of brands to the audience.